RSC Age Group Exit Standards

Age Group Exit Standards


RSC is always trying to find ways to improve our players’ ability to learn the game of soccer. Modern youth soccer focuses on building and developing the Four Pillars of the game: Tactical, Technical, Physical and Mental. The objective of coaching during training sessions is to prepare players for competition. The games demonstrate the players and teams understanding of these pillars and will allow the coach to observe what the team needs to work on at the next training session.

Players in the Real So Cal Soccer Club participate in a variety of training sessions, tryouts and competitions in order to assess their understanding of the curriculum; to monitor progress of their learning; and, to determine placement on the appropriate team.

As a parent, these forms of assessments can be challenging if you have little experience with the game of soccer. To help you and your child monitor their progress and better understand where they need help or where they are excelling, Real So Cal is publishing their club wide age group Exit Standards.

The Exit Standards represent what the Real So Cal coaches will be teaching throughout the season. The standards are based on the Real So Cal curriculum and were created to be both age and level appropriate.

Exit Standards U6-U8, Exit Standards U9-U10, Exit Standards U11-U12, Exit Standards U13-U14



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